Reasons September is Busy

Kyle has carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel surgery on September 7th.  

 Eliana and I enjoy the nice scenery outside of Kyle’s physical therapy office.  He started out going three times as week and is down to twice a week.  I’m glad I’m home to help him get around!

 Kyle has learned to do all kinds of things one handed or with the help of his feet, head, or shoulders.  I’ve been amazed at all of the things he can still do.

I’ve said so many times this summer that Eliana is growing up so fast!  She is getting so big!!!  Last year at this time she was still such a wee babe.  During spring, she wore this top as a dress!!!

We’ve learned of some fun free places to go walk around near Kyle’s physical therapy.  There is a great park near by, but it cost a couple of bucks.  This month we started Financial Peace University, and I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone!  We’re learning so much about how to manage our money.  This class is very timely as we continue to adjust to one income.  Our goal for this month is to cut our grocery bill to $200.  I’m hoping to just go shopping twice a month.  I meal planned 14 dinners for the next two weeks, wrote up the ingredients needed, stuck to the list, and made it out under $84.  Wahoo!

Eliana is learning so much every day.  She has learned to point at things, and it is quite cute.  She also figured out that food comes out of the refrigerator.  Now when she is hungry, she tries to open it!  She loves picking out books to read, and she’ll even have a favorite for a couple of weeks at a time.  The time of loving the stroller is starting to wane.  Thankfully, she does like helping to push it and other type of carts around.  Today we made it about 3/4 of the way through grocery shopping when it was clear she needed to wiggle.  So, she helped me push the cart.  She beamed about being able to help!  She then walked with Kyle to find sage, a special ingredient that wasn’t in the bulk section and at $5 wasn’t in our budget.  He was able to find some fresh for cheaper, yahoo for my man being on a mission to find a good deal!

I’ve been taking lots of pictures this month, but between Financial Peace University, the Bible and Art Club, Bible Study Fellowship, and Kyle’s surgery all starting up this month I’m just a wee bit busy.  

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