I Love Fall!!!!

All year long I look forward to when the leaves turn red.

Eliana and I have gone on several walks to enjoy God’s sunset colors splashed all over town.  You’d be surprised at what we find.  Does anyone know what king of plant this is?

Does anyone know what kind of tree this is?  It is my favorite because it can turn so many different colors.  I love that sometimes it is scarlet red, sometimes lemon and lime, and other times splashes of yellow, green, red, and even a hint of purple.

Does anyone know what this tree is?  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it before, but it sure is pretty.  Does anyone know anything about the fruit?

 The fruit tree pictured above is in the background.  It was a nice backdrop to show off the brilliant yellow leaves.

Did I mention that I love fall?  I love how the light plays with the leaves.

 Awe yes, here is my favorite tree again.

 After going to the library today, we went for a stroll just to enjoy the leaves.  Since I had Eliana’s sandwich handy, we were able to enjoy a long stroll without her wanting to get out.  We stopped by my good friend Judy’s house for a pit stop and a short visit, and then were off again with a banana to make the walk back pleasant.

 I know these aren’t leaves, but we spotted them on the way to Judy’s.  They were too pretty to not take a moment and enjoy.  They remind me of tiny bouquets of color.

 This picture doesn’t even capture how breath taking the leaves were with the sunlight streaming through them.  Awe, I love, love, love the fall.

 Did I mention that I like red leaves best?  I think they are such a surprise.  I find myself stopping to admire them.  Maybe it is because they are the complementary color of green.  In general green is my favorite color, and I’d pick green over red any day.  But oh, red leaves…. I’d probably pick red leaves over green leaves.  Or maybe I love them so much because they are so startling after month of green leaves.  

This tree is right by Judy’s mailbox.  What a delight it would be to be greeted each day by such a pretty tree.  

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