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Today Pastor Brian shared from Psalm 119.  He gave several reasons why we should read the Bible.  Although there were many great points shared, I want to highlight two.  First, “the point of reading the Bible is to know it … Continue reading

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Oh, Now I See

I couldn’t figure out this week why Eliana has been crabby, had unusual diapers, and her eating habits have been a bit … irritating.  Tonight Kyle and I worked together with a flash light to check on Eliana’s teeth.  Low … Continue reading

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Adventures with Rachel

Rachel and I went around town last Saturday just to take pictures.  We had a blast!  Enjoy! These numbers remind me of New York.  Maybe it is because I could picture them in Disney’s version of Rhapsody in Blue, an all time … Continue reading

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Eliana is 19 Months Old!!!

 Earlier this month my parents stopped by on their way back from the mountains.  Eliana thought is was so funny when Nanny was teaching her how to kick a ball.  I don’t know if she was more thrilled with Nanny … Continue reading

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What is a yoke? a Bible and Art Club story

This year I am going through the book of Matthew with my Bible and Art Club students.  You may remember that I started the club up last March at the school I used to teach at before Eliana came.  I … Continue reading

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Bath Time

Eliana is so excited to see me after I’ve been gone at the office all day. Tasha is also glad to see me because that means that she can get a rest while Eliana and I catch up. Our evening … Continue reading

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Hide and Go Seek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever played Hide and Go Seek with an 18 month old before?  It can be quite exciting!  Our version looks different than the traditional game.  The adult is always the one hiding, because Eliana doesn’t quite know how … Continue reading

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