Trisha and Zak

 Dad, Trisha, Zak, and Mom
Trisha and Zak got married on New Year’s Eve.  I only used my camera for a short time before the wedding. I then got my mom’s (which is a super nice camera) and took more pictures.  Rachel was the photographer for the wedding.  She used her camera for awhile, and then grabbed my mom’s too.  You just can’t beat a Cannon camera if you are dealing with night photos.  

I guess there is a reason why people thought we were twins growing up.  This week Eliana was looking at an ornament (yes, we just got to putting the tree away for the year) and said, “Mama” while looking at a picture of Trisha and Thomas.

Mom and me
Tanya and me
 Tara and me

Kelly and Taylor
Collin, Torie, and Madison

Rachel, Trisha, and I spent probably close to 36 hours making of Trisha’s and the bridesmaids’ bouquets.  The broche at the bottom of the bouque was the something borrowed and something old.  It comes from Zak’s mom’s side of the family.

Awe yes, and this is what Kyle was dealing with while I was at the wedding.  She was eating yogurt, and that was about it.  She got a fever the Thursday before the wedding.  It lasted through the wedding day.  She was crabby for another 3 days or so.  She is better now, and I praise the Lord for that!!!
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