Get Pumped

Do you ever hear a song and it just sets you off and gets you in the mood to get er dun? That feeling of being pumped is a great, energizing feeling. I get that feeling sometimes when I read theology and I just have to jump and move and bask in the wonderfulness of God.

For example, I am reading a chapter in Daniel L. Akin’s book A Theology for the Church titled The Doctrines of Christ, in which he discusses The Person of Christ. He is breaking down a “Christology from Above” referencing John 1. Here is a poem that he shares with the reader.

Light looked down and beheld darkness,
thither will I go said Light.
Life looked down and beheld death,
thither will I go said Life.
Love looked down and beheld dispair,
thither will I go said Love.
So came Light and shone truth,
So came Life and conquered death,
So came Love and gave hope.
“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”
     – Author Unknown

Please go read it for yourself in John 1:1-18.

In the words of Pastor Larry Wood, “If that doesn’t get your fire going, then your wood is wet!”

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