Eliana is 21 months!!!

 After a recent Bible and Art Club meeting, I saw a friend’s daughter painting using q-tips.  I realized that Eliana too might be ready to paint.  Low and behold we have a new hobby.  Eliana’s favorite color us “boo” aka blue.  I had some left over watercolor paper (thus the green boxes) from a demonstration, and she didn’t mind them at all.

 I made some chocolate babka for my mom’s birthday!  The split in the bread on the left side of the picture is chocolate bubbling out.  Yum!  My friend Sara had made it last fall, and she graciously shared the link with me.  The bread is tasty and a labor of love as it takes about 3 hours to make if you include all of the rising and baking time.

 Eliana enjoyed wearing my mom’s St. Patrick’s birthday hat. She was willing to share with me, but I wasn’t too interested in having my head be as glitter covered as hers.  She really enjoyed family during our trip, including playing with Thomas and the buckles on the high chair, Trisha and her new puppy (which she now makes kissing noises to other animals thanks to Trisha), and sitting in my mom’s lap so I could eat.  I’d love to say that Eliana was delightful while she and I drove (Kyle had seminary homework, which kept him in Fresno), but that wouldn’t be the full truth.  She cried between 2/3 and 3/4 on and off during the drive there.  We made it about 1/2 an hour before she decided she was done being in the car and wanted “O-U-T”.  We drove home, in a rain/sprinkle/hail storm on the way back.  But, I timed it so that we went during her nap time.  She slept while I listened to The Magician’s Nephew by C. S. Lewis.  I’d take rain and a napping baby (not so much of the hail) over a clear day with a crying child any day.

 Eliana has recently taken to caring for her dolls and stuffed animals.  You’ll find them snapped into her high chair, getting their noses wiped when Eliana gets her’s, being fed when she eats, and just about anything else she does.

I’m so amazed at how much she has grown!  She can now finger door handles, and likes to knock (not just hit) on doors.

 Awe peanut butter bread, you are one of Eliana’s favorite snacks!  She goes in and out of phases when she’ll eat well.  She didn’t want to eat spaghetti when Alyssa visited last Thursday, but she gladly ate a hot dog after the Walk for Life event on Saturday (Right to Life).  She initially didn’t want to eat her dinner tonight and loudly told me so, yet when she wasn’t given other options she eventually tried it and ate most of it.

 You can normally tell on Sunday mornings who dressed Eliana by whether or not she has a dress and matching bow (thus Kyle) or something warm for the weather (that would be the over practical me).  Trying to get pictures of Eliana is a bit harder now.  She loves to see the picture on the camera, and so she often moves before the picture is taken.

If you look really closely, you’ll see her hair really is growing.  The black bag highlights this growth.

Other things Eliana is up to:
*She is helping to set the table.  I bring the forks, napkins, etc. to the table, and she puts one for each person.
*Kyle and I were told by several people yesterday at church and our small group that Eliana is a big helper and kind to others.  Those complements are music to my ears!
*Eliana’s nose has been running for 7 weeks.  Sigh.  I love spring, but I don’t love allergies.  Thankfully, she seems to be doing better the last few days.  I hope her ears don’t hurt in the middle of the night like mine do on occasion.
*I can’t believe she’ll be two in a little less than three months.  Where does the time go?
*We love to go on walks to get the mail and explore.  Today’s observation was that numbers and letters are on license plates.  She wanted to know which plates had the number 6 on them since that was the first number she pointed to.
*Eliana has told us several times over the last month when she needs to use the toilet.  Although we aren’t in full force potty training yet, she has gone four times for us when she told us she had to go.  
*We love our little girl!

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