I am thankful for Bible Study Fellowship (BSF).  I’ve been going for nearly 5 years, and boy has my walk with the Lord grown in that time.  I find the study to be convicting some days and comforting others.  My teaching leader doesn’t sugar coat, and I walk away with many things to think about.  Eliana loves her class and willingly leaves me to go play and see her teacher.  I know she is learning things in her class, and that is a blessing.  Next year’s study is on Genesis.  I actually took the first few weeks of this study several years ago during my first year of teaching.  I was drowning with the new responsibilities and had to let it go then.  I’m looking forward to picking it back up this fall.  There is an intro class in two Mondays for those in my area.  Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in checking it out.  It has truly been a blessing. You can find a class near you here.
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