A rock climber, a ladybug, and a baby!!!

Eliana loves to climb up rocks (with Kyle’s help) and then jump off them (again with Kyle’s help).  It is one of her new favorite things.  If the rock is half the size of the one pictured, she can climb it on her own and enjoys finding a spot to sit and enjoy the view.

I’m so glad we took pictures of ladybugs when we did.  A tractor came the next day and trimmed all of the grass.  Maybe the ladybugs are still out there, but they sure were fun to find in grass that seemed like a jungle to Eliana.

 If you look really carefully, you can see that there is a baby bump!!!  Wahoo!  We are 16 weeks pregnant.  The baby is the size of an avacado, has toe nails growing this week, and is pumping 25 pints of blood through the heart.  Amazing!  I’ve been able to feel the baby move for a couple of weeks.  I wouldn’t say I’ve felt a kick yet like I remember Eliana’s kicks, but there is definitely movement!

A few ways we told people:
GramE was visiting when we found out we were pregnant back in January.  We tried to have Eliana hand her the test, but Eliana was unwilling to share this new object.  GramE had just woken up, but she was now wide awake and thrilled with the good news!

We told my family by having the announcement in Pop Pop’s 81st birthday card.  I had said it was a secret and that he was the first to know on our side, so he just read the card and closed it.  I laughed and said he could read it to everyone now.:) These kind of announcements sometimes catch people off guard.  Trisha understood first what Pop Pop read and gave me a big hug!

We were still keeping our circle of in the know pretty small when he told Anita over the phone that the I was napping because the blueberry sized baby was tiring me out.  So Anita, a trusted friend, was added to the circle of prayerful friends in the know.

I gave Jeff, a former coworker, a math problem to solve.  15 + 25 = 40.  40 is October 3rd.  I told him I’d explain after Bible and Art Club.  After an the club, he wasn’t too sure what I was talking about.  I explained that 15 was that day (April 11th), to think in weeks, and think about why 40 is so important to females.  Awe, then there was recognition in his eyes.

On Sunday I told Cathy and Donna while Kyle was putting Eliana in the nursery.  Kyle poked his head out of the nursery and with an astonished face said, “WHAT?!?!?!”  He really had them wondering for a second if I had told them before I told Kyle.

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