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Butterflies, Birds, and More

 Penguins remind me of some special friends in Wisconsin and Aunt Marcie.  The penguin exhibit was pretty amazing.  They made a portion of the water area an alcove that children loved to sit in and watch the birds swim around and … Continue reading

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Zoo Chats

My Dad likes lemurs.  I find them often challenging to photograph, but this photo turned out pretty good. Something that impressed both Kyle and I at this zoo was the water ways around exhibits.  Several of them were full of sea … Continue reading

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Zoo Photos

 Kyle and I made a mistake while booking our flights for a mission expo.  It turned out we’d be arriving before the expo began.  Rachel saved the day by making us aware of this mistake.  I can’t imagine what would … Continue reading

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Over the next few days Kyle and I will be processing a mission expo that we went to.  Part of the expectation of the expo was to have evangelism training.  Kyle and I finished ours a few days before we … Continue reading

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Eliana is 23 months old!!!

Blogger wasn’t being my friend when Eliana turned 23 months old, so some of the updates for what she has been up to in the last month and the beginning of this month. *Eliana has more words that I can … Continue reading

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Kyle’s Birthday and Seminary Class

Kyle had to leave in the afternoon of his birthday to drive down to a satisfied campus for a seminary class that was 5+ hours away.  So, we had a special breakfast outing before church.  I had been given a gift certificate … Continue reading

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Flowers and Family

 Aren’t these nice hydrangeas?  Pop Pop has beautiful hydrangeas outside of his home.  I was impressed at how large his plants were, not just because of their beauty but also because I accidently killed some hydrangeas before in our heat … Continue reading

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