Photo Adventures

Rachel, Sarah, Eliana, and I went in search of finding letters to create presents for relatives.  Rachel was able to get an awesome bubble for the letter “O” a while back.  Although Sarah did a great job blowing bubbles, I just couldn’t capture them.

Eliana had a blast hanging out with Sarah and Rachel.  Having us all go together made it possible to capture photos and have someone keep an eye on Eliana as we wandered all over town. 

 What you can’t tell from the photo is that Eliana enjoyed dropping her weight that day so that she could “swing”.  She even tried when it was just one person holding her hand.

*Today we were looking at these photos.  Rachel and Sarah, you should be impressed that Eliana can recognize you both from the back.  She was also calling herself “Ana”.  I guess a four syllable name is still a bit tricky for her.

Who knew a playground would be such a good idea?

This one didn’t seem to be very obvious to Rachel and Sarah, but if you look at the wall, the awning, and the arch in between, you just might see the letter “A”.

I cropped and changed photos to black and white for Trisha’s birthday present.  Yeah for a gift she liked!!!

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