Kyle’s Birthday and Seminary Class

Kyle had to leave in the afternoon of his birthday to drive down to a satisfied campus for a seminary class that was 5+ hours away.  So, we had a special breakfast outing before church.  I had been given a gift certificate for a local restaurant for the art lessons I taught this fall, and this was the perfect time to use it.  The breakfast was plentiful and super tasty.  Since it was Kyle’s actual birthday, his meal was free.  We even splurged on a breakfast appetizer.

While at church Rachel and Ruli offered to take us our for Kyle’s birthday lunch!  Going out to eat is such a rare treat.  Plus it was a nice change from leftovers which is what we normally do for Sunday lunch.

Kyle did well in his class.  It was very stressful in parts for him to take a whole semester class in a week, but by the end of the week he felt comfortable with the class.  He has a 15 page paper due on Tuesday, and then he’ll have two of four classes required for us to continue the process of looking to serve in overseas.

I was a little worried about what our time at home would look like.  His car decided to fall apart a few days before he left, so he took my car down south.  His car was worked on by a friend all this week.  We had friends and family graciously take us to a pool party, a play date, my doctor’s appointment, and by Kyle’s office to drop off some equipment.  I had friends come over dinner twice this week, and we visited friends in our apartment complex.  Plus we were busy potty training, but that is a whole other post all in itself.  We are looking forward to Kyle coming home in a few hours.  Eliana has talked about her Daddy a little each day, but it has been a main theme of our morning.  She woke up saying his name, and she checked our bed to see if he was still sleeping.

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