Zoo Photos

 Kyle and I made a mistake while booking our flights for a mission expo.  It turned out we’d be arriving before the expo began.  Rachel saved the day by making us aware of this mistake.  I can’t imagine what would have happened had she not noticed that the day I said we were leaving didn’t match up with the flight itinerary.  The Lord does work in others, and I’m glad Rachel was paying attention.

 We decided to go to the local zoo with our extra day.  Although we had initially planned to go there via bus, it would have taken us 2.5 hours to go the 14 miles to the zoo.  With a bit of research on Kyle’s part, we were able to rent a car for the price it would have taken us to go to the zoo via taxi.  That is excluding the price it would have taken us to get back to the hotel.

Polka dots???  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bird like this one before.

 I loved seeing animals we had never seen before!  I was startled to find these East African Bongos.

We really enjoyed how much space the animals had at this zoo.  Although it isn’t as much as would be out in the wild, I felt they weren’t as cramped as other zoos.

 No wonder alligators and other animals are able to hide so well in the water.  There was another alligator in the water.  You could only see his head because it was moving.  The rest of him was totally submerged.  I can understand how pieces of drift would are mistaken for alligators and vise versa.

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