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August Happenings

                                     Troy and Eliana up aboveIf you click on the picture, you can see her growing locks in the back. GramE, Kallie, and … Continue reading

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Elaine, Grant, Jaxon

 There are many reasons why my first year as a stay at home mom was very difficult.  Maybe one day I’ll share those reasons, but that isn’t today.  Today is about some very special people who helped me soon after … Continue reading

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Sleep Sleep, oh how I miss thee Let me count the ways Sleep, your waning quality is poorly timed For ’tis the season to toilet train When you left You took the great virtue Patience Sleep, why did you confiscate … Continue reading

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I paint, Daddy

This past weekend I had been working on the laptop for awhile when Eliana woke from her nap. She ate her snack while I got in a few more minutes before coming over and insisting, “My turn. Share, Daddy.” So … Continue reading

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