August Happenings

                                     Troy and Eliana up above
If you click on the picture, you can see her growing locks in the back.

GramE, Kallie, and Eliana to the left

 August has been a blur of events.  I had a baby shower in the middle of the month.  I didn’t bring my camera, but I’ll get some pictures of the shower from my sister some time in the future.  If I haven’t had the baby by then, I just might put them up on the blog. I’m not promising a whole lot of blogging once our newest wee one comes.  We had a lot of family come up from our hometown.  It was great for Eliana to see them, especially her cousin Kallie who she played very well with.

 Eliana and Kallie

 I found that I took my camera several places in August only to realize that I hadn’t charged it.  Here are a few shots from the zoo with GramE and Rachelle.  Eliana loves the tigers and the Dino Dig.

 When Aunt Marcie visited later this month, we went to the zoo again.  We were there for the grand opening of the new sea lion exhibit.  It was AMAZING and so much nicer than the former one.  There is a whole section on the other side of the exhibit where you can see through glass into the underwater world of the sea lions and seals.  I meant to snap a picture of Eliana and Aunt Marcie, but alas I didn’t.

 Eliana turned 26 months last week.  My how time flies.  Overall I love having a two year old.  She’s been having a hard week with her two year molars coming in.  The top two are in, and the bottom two are partially in.  Eliana loves being outside.  Yesterday while Kyle, Eliana, and I were walking in the “cool” of the evening, Eliana said, “Look, I found it!”  Curious as to what “it” was, I asked and she smiled with glee, pointed, and said, “Clouds!!!!!!!!”  Awe.  I too enjoyed the clouds multiple times on our walk and was glad that Eliana pointed them out.

Eliana’s memory is cracking us up.  In July, she saw Thomas.  Thomas showed her a giant stuffed animal tiger which happened to terrify her.  If you mention Thomas, she says, “Thomas. Tiger.”  After the baby shower, which was nearly two weeks ago, Taylor was holding Eliana when she had an accident (which hasn’t happened to anyone else while they were holding her).  Here and there she brings up, “Pee Pee on Taylor.”  She is very sorry that she did so.

Things Eliana reads or is read to are very important to her.  She regularly goes looking for the moon outside since in one of her books a bear and the moon play hide and go seek.  She can tell you just about all of the words for Kitten for a Day as you turn the pages.  Dr. Seuss’s ABC An Amazing Alphabet Book cracks her up on the “c” page because the camel is on the ceiling.  “Silly camel” is her response.  Her new favorite series is the Little Bear series.  We picked up another story today at the library.  It amazes me how she can sit and listen for such a long time.  It is such a blessing, because she isn’t whining due to her teeth if she is sitting and listening.

We’ve reached the 35+ week mark in pregnancy!  Eliana often says, “The baby is growing!”  One night a week or so ago she said, “Baby sister.  Baby sister come out and play!”  I told her baby sister needs to keep growing for a few more weeks.  We love at night when after giving me a hug and a kiss, she kisses baby sister by kissing my belly.  We’ve been getting some of the baby gear out, and she loves playing with it all.  Her dollies have gone in the stroller, the car seat, and had their clothes changed multiple times thanks to Aunt Marcie’s handy sewing work.

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2 Responses to August Happenings

  1. GramE says:

    Love it! And you made me cry.

  2. GramE says:

    Love it! And you made me cry.

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