Baby Shower

 Rachel with the help of Sarah, Aunt Marcie, and Aunt Dacra threw me a beautiful shower on August 18th.  Trisha took the photos for me.  Since she doesn’t live in town, it took a little while for me to get the photos.

We played some hilarious games like trying to figure out what white substance was in various bags.  Was that flour, salt, sugar, or laundry soap?  The guests had to try to not say baby.  I gave my clothes pen up almost immediately.  Friends and family wrote down some very thoughtful wishes for the coming baby.  Rachel read aloud a game as we passed a diaper around to our right or left depending upon what she said. The teacher in me thinks it would be a GREAT game to remind students to listen carefully.  I loved all of the games!
Janeth, me, and Mary                         Joanne, me, and Judy

One of the most special times was the time of prayer.  We’ll be needing prayer as we continue to prepare for this wee one.  We’ve made it to week 39, and we didn’t even make it to week 37 with Eliana.  We’ll need prayer as we labor and deliver.  We’ll need prayer as we transition from a family of three to a family of four.  I’ve been praying specifically that that this wee one will sleep better and not spit up on me all the live long day like Eliana did.  I was so very blessed by all of the prayers.

 April’s little Amelia came a few days after my shower.  It has been such a blessing to have a neighbor who really understands pregnancy and to watch as she has transitioned to a family of four.

                  Theresa, Michele, Emily, me, and Lynda                  Rachel, me, and Sarah
The photos above are of family and friends who have made many special memories over the summer with us.  I’m so very grateful for them.

                                      Aimee and me                                 Aunt Marcie, me, and GramE
It is always a blessing to have family from out of town come.  The photos above and below are of family who went the extra mile, literally, and encouraged me by their willingness to give up an afternoon.

                           GramE, Aunt Debbie, and me                  me, Taylor, Mom, and Trisha
 Awe. I was just reflecting on how many sweets I had that day.  I figure since I am very careful most days about how much sugar I intact, due to me initially not passing the glucose test, I could splurge for one day.  Pass the M&Ms!

                                          Mom and me                                        Trisha and me
Thanks again friends and family for blessing us with tons of diapers, encouraging words, thoughtful gifts, and you love.

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