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For GramE

 Rachel spotted this onesie.  She called GramE who said Natalie had to have it. Natalie has been losing some of her hair.  Eliana had so little to start with that I didn’t really notice when she lost hers.  Natalie’s eyebrows … Continue reading

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The Girls in November

Natalie turned 5 weeks old yesterday!  Kyle and I can’t believe that she is already over a month old.  She is regularly eating around 9 at night, some time between 2 and 3, and than again in the morning between … Continue reading

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November Happenings

 We are often inside since Natalie sleeps so much of the day.  We try to be creative since we are home bound.  Rachel came over last weekend and painted Eliana’s nails.  Eliana loved it!  Then Rachel was brave enough to … Continue reading

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 Eliana has really enjoyed having baby sister come out to play!  They can sleep through each other crying.  That amazes me since I can’t sleep if either of them is crying, and Kyle can sleep through both of them crying. … Continue reading

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Natalie is 4 Weeks Old!!

  This photo is from Natalie at 2 weeks old.   She has more hair than Eliana did at over a year old.  I’m curious to see what will happen when it falls out.  Maybe she’ll go bald for a … Continue reading

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