Christmas Time

We had a blur of activity this Christmas season.  We spent Saturday visiting the girls’ Grandpa Mark and Grandma Bonnie with Troy, Aimee, and Kallie.  Sadly, I forgot the camera.  I enjoyed the company.  Bonnie showed me how to to crochet hats!!!  Eliana’s is done, and she will wear it for all of two seconds.  Natalie’s is half way done. We got to see the girls’ Great Grandpa Hal and Great Grandma Sue on Sunday along with my friend Sara and her family.  Christmas Eve was spent at Aunt Marcie’s with a slew of family.  Christmas day was spent at my parents house.  It took me three days to unpack and get my living room clean from where we dumped all of the stuff when we unloaded the car.

The chocolate babka was amazing!  It is worth the 3+ hours to make for special occasions.

I loved watching Kallie and Eliana “paint” Aunt Marcie.  It is a good thing Aunt Marcie had two paint brushes since it was SOOOO important to both girls that they get to paint her hair and makeup.

 After pouring milk on herself several times, Eliana decided to derobe amongst family.  (o.0) Thankfully Aunt Marcie came to the rescue!  I loved watching Aunt Marcie make Eliana laugh.  One of the funniest moments of our trip was hearing that Sean told Eliana that the Dora button on the remote was broken, so they had to find something else to watch. 

 Eliana was showing the dogs the nice job her Nanny did painting her nails. Eliana liked the dogs as long as there was glass between them.

Both girls did fairly well being totally off the normal routine.  It took about three days, but I feel like we are finally settling back down from all of the business.

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