Natalie is 2 Months Old!!!

 Natalie brings blissful joy to our family.

 This month she eats between 7 and 8 times a day.  She is normally up only once in the night.  The longest stretch between feedings has been nine hours.  One of those times she didn’t wake up at all.  The other time she woke up a couple times, but she fell back asleep immediately once I gave her a pacifier.  Most nights it is a six hour stretch between feedings.

 Her eyes are still dazzlingly blue.  They just might stay that way.

 She is starting to get a nice long nap during the middle of the day instead of the regular 45 minutes to an hour that the other naps are between feedings.

We love her and can’t believe that she is over two months already.  This month she has learned that chewing on her hands is fun.  Her neck is getting much stronger.  She has been trying to pull herself up from a propped up position to a sitting position.  Natalie enjoys a few minutes of tummy time which I find amazing since Eliana hated being on her tummy.  We love her laugh that she has been sharing with us more and more.
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