Pismo Beach 2013

100_8415 100_8400 I’m not used to WordPress yet, so the photos are random sizes and out of order.  I’d take the time to organize them, but Natalie is sure to wake up soon.  So instead I’ll just share some highlights.

100_8380 100_8364

As we were trying to describe what Eliana was about to see she became more and more excited.  While on the 101, we asked if she could see the ocean, “YES!!!”  This was Eliana’s first time to the ocean.  She LOVED it!  It was enthralling to watch her dance in the water.  She frolicked with complete abandon.

It was chilly there, so I didn’t have to worry about Natalie getting sun burnt.  She was well covered up for our stay.

100_8345 100_8310 - Copy

We went to the Avila Valley Barn.  I have great memories of being there with Tim and Grace.  It also made me think of Kari since she was the one who first mentioned it to me oh so many years ago.

Natalie was content as a cucumber even though her afternoon nap was about half an hour while she and I walked along the beach.

100_8298 - Copy

Eliana loved feeding the animals, but she was NOT a fan of this loud rooster who came to visit us while we were eating lunch.  He crowed, and she was so startled that she cried.Pismo Beach 2013There is just something amazing about the ocean.

Pismo is amazing, because I have so many great memories there from childhood, high school, college, and as a newlywed.  I can now add memories of our girls there!

Eliana asks nearly every day when we are going back to the beach!

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