Recapping Natalie’s 7th, 8th, and 9th

Natalie 7 months old

I’m writing here on WordPress since Blogger continues to not work for us.  I am very sad about that.

A recap of Natalie’s 7th month in May:

*learning to crawl

*getting two more teeth on the bottom to make four bottom teeth

*visiting the zoo with Aunti Nav and her family, and  then again a week later with GramE, PopE, Kallie and her family

*learning to play with Up Cups from Kari

*going to Donald’s high school graduation

*started eating pureed foods, and doing GREAT at it


100_7947 - Copy

A recap of Natalie’s 8th month on June:

*two teeth up top, but they are the ones next to where the front ones will be

*pulling up on things, including me while cooking

*great at crawling

*saying “Mamamamama and Dadadadada sounds”

*hopes to explore the toilet

*eating only once in the night, but often still waking 1-2 extra times


Recap of Natalie’s 9th month so far:

*her top right front tooth is coming in

*she sleeps most of the night in the crib in her sister’s room

*she is starting to eat a few solid foods in chunks

*she got an eye infection a week after Eliana had an eye and ear infection

*crawled in the sand at Pismo Beach

*loved the swing at Pismo Beach

*fell asleep listening to the waves on two walks while at the beach


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One Response to Recapping Natalie’s 7th, 8th, and 9th

  1. Tasha says:

    Natalie’s top left tooth came in a few days later.

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