Things Eliana Says

Things Eliana Says

The photo is from Eliana being a flower girl at Ashlee’s wedding.

Eliana often says some pretty funny things.  Here are two she said in the last week.

Eliana: Ruli calls me a goose.  Rachel calls me a monkey.  But I’m an elephant!


Me: I want to make a hat of the C* baby.  (C* is the last name of our friends.)

Eliana: What is a C* ba?  (She had clearly not understood what I had said and thought it was one giant word.)

Me: The C* are Travis and Alison.  Alison has a baby in her belly.

Eliana: Why?

Me: (pause … think … giggle at the awkward question … )  That is where the baby is, but after she comes out to play she’ll need a hat.


Eliana is in a season of asking why.  Answering her isn’t enough, because she then asks why to your response.  Some of the most funny times she asks is when after answering why several times I get to an answer that is something like, “That is what you chose to do.”  She asks why, and I’ll tell her to ask herself.

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