How Things Have Changed

Since I was pregnant with Natalie I began to notice how things began changing.  Here are some few in no certain order:

*The dishes often air dry rather than being dried and put away at night.  There came a point when I was pregnant that I just didn’t want to be bumping Natalie any longer than it took to do the dishes.  That habit hasn’t changed even now that she is 10 months old.

*There used to be a way I folded a towel.  It was “my” way in our first townhouse, because more towels fit in the linen closet that way.  “Kyle’s” way in our second apartment because the towels now fit better in the linen closet his way.  I remember finding that “my” way worked best here.  But now I don’t remember which way that was, and I think I am constantly folding them different ways and just sticking them in the best I can.

*I used to do my makeup nearly every day.  Now I might get some on for church on Sunday, and I might not.

*My living room floor  normally has a dozen or more toys spreading from the toy tub out some times all the way below the kitchen table, or in the kitchen, or even into my room at times.

*I used to do the dishes consistently after every meal or baking session.  There are days that I only do them at dinner time.  And every once in awhile some of the hand wash only ones wait until the next morning.

*I use the crockpot a whole lot more.

*I wrote about Eliana once a week for her first 20 weeks.  I’m working on writing about Natalie once a month.  That got a little messy when I switched blog sites.

*I’ve been exercising pretty regularly for the first time in years with Leslie Sansone’s dvd series.  I can thank Nav and April for that!  Who knew walking in your living room could make your day SOOOOO much better.

*Taking just one child anywhere seems really weird.

*I repeat things regularly: “Talk to me in a normal voice.” (aka Please stop whining because it makes me what to send you to the moon!) “She’s fine.” (Speaking to Eliana about Natalie.

*I find quietly sitting anywhere to be a luxury.


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