September Happenings

Our camera is pretty much not working. Boo! Thankfully, my mom visited twice in September, and she let me put the photos she took while she was here on my computer! Yahoo for my generous mom!

IMG_9160 IMG_9157

Natalie is still 11 months old for a little while longer, so let me update what she has been up to.

*She LOVES climbing, and she is fearless!  She’ll climb into chairs, her stroller, up on the rocking horse in order to get up on the couch, and just about anything she can climb onto.  Last week Eliana’s tricycle was in the kitchen.  I saw Natalie oh so delighted that she had climbed into the seat and was holding onto the handle bars.  The next time I looked, she was standing on the seat trying to climb onto the counter!

*She is still waking up once in the night for a feeding, and sometimes more than that.  For example, last night she woke a little before midnight to eat.  She was then up again at four which is WAY too early.  So, I let her cry for awhile hoping she’d fall back asleep.  She’d fuss for a couple minutes and then be quiet for a couple of minutes, and then repeat.  At 5:15, I decided to go ahead and get up and feed her since I really was wanting some sleep.  I try to hold off until 6 am at least, but I didn’t want to be up for two hours and then try to focus on little sleep during church.  Eliana didn’t sleep through the night until around 14 or 15 months, so I know I still might have a little longer of this.

*She is eating all kinds of foods and loving eating!  I’m SO thankful for that!  I hope and pray that she continues to be a good eater.

*I CAN’T believe she is almost a year old!  It has flown by SO fast.

*She loves when we go on walks.  She isn’t walking herself, but she sure does enjoy an evening stroll.

IMG_9153 IMG_9149

Here are some updates on Eliana.

*She loves dresses!  We were given many beautiful hand-me-down dresses.  She wears one or more most days!

*Eliana is not a good eater.  She “gets” to eat her dinner for breakfast when she chooses not to eat dinner.  A few nights ago Eliana asked me, “Mommy, why are you sad?”  I explained that her being difficult during dinner makes eating dinner very unpleasant.

*Eliana loves Bible Study Fellowship!  She asks me most days of the week if we are going to BSF!  She sings many of the BSF songs throughout the week.  A couple of nights ago I heard her singing “Good morning God.  This is your day.  I am your child.  Show me your way.”  to try and quiet Natalie into sleeping for the night.

*Eliana is a good sleeper.  She sleeps right through Natalie fussing unless she is fussing after 6 am.


It was great having my mom visit.  The girls loved seeing her.  It was great watching my mom and Eliana chat.  They both love talking, and it was nice to not have to talk as much!IMG_9176

September Happenings

Here are Sofia and Eliana.  These two love hanging out together!

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