Natalie is ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Natalie is ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am amazed that already a whole year has passed.  The time flew by faster than I can even remember.  That is probably in part due to still not getting a full night’s sleep.  But I have hope that sleep will be coming soon!

Things Natalie is up to:

*She is climbing everywhere!  Some of her favorite spots are onto the chairs.  If the chairs aren’t pushed in, then she’ll go onto the table too!  Yesterday I walked out of the girls’ room to find that Natalie was on a chair that had been left in the kitchen after Eliana washed her hands.  The chair was a good 6 inches from the kitchen counter.  Natalie was grinning ear to ear that she was touching the counter.  Her tiny toes were on the edge of the chair as she continued to clap on the counter with her hand as she grin said, “Wow Mom, look what I can do!!!”

*We’ve been feeding her more of what we eat.  For her birthday dinner, she had bruschetta chicken.  She loved it!  She has been a delightful eater, but here in the last few days she has begun to show preference.  She loves beans, but she isn’t a huge fan of rice.  She loves bananas and tomatoes.  Veggies are still something that she likes.  A couple days ago, she realized that she could drop food from her hand onto the floor.  Oh joy!  So the training on food edicate begins!

*I got out some mega blocks a couple of days ago and she was quite pleased with herself as she learned to stack and unstack them.

*Her BSF teachers adore her.  I’m super relieved since she is skipping a nap in order to be part of BSF.

*She has at least 10 teeth that I know of, maybe 11.  It is hard to tell since she isn’t keen on letting me look in her mouth.

*She is started dropping her weight if she wants to get down.  So as if my arms didn’t already get a work out, they will be tested in baby wrangling at a new level.

*She smiles often and is joy to have in our family.  We are so very blessed and thankful.

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