Pumpkin Time!

Pumpkin Time!

There is an amazing pumpkin patch not too far out of town from us.  This was Natalie’s first time going!


We are researching buying a new camera.  Thankfully, Kyle had his work one that we were able to use.


Natalie has been doing some pretty humorous things lately.  I’ve found her putting on bracelets, necklaces, and Kyle’s sun glasses.  She is also working on combing her hair with a comb!  She cracks me up!  I don’t remember Eliana mimicking us like this so soon!  Then again, I can’t believe she is already over a year old!


Natalie slept through the night one time last week.  I was totally amazed!!!  Sadly, this isn’t a habit at all yet.  She started waking up even more than once here lately.  I think she might be working on her 12th tooth which is a molar.


Natalie’s newest fascination is the phone.  She knocked it off the desk several times today.  She has gotten pretty quick at climbing on the rocking horse, then onto the couch from there, across the couch, and ta-da within reach of the phone.  Training her to not touch certain things will definitely be an on going lesson!

100_4024 100_4029

Eliana took this photo.  It always amazes me to remember that she has a completely different viewpoint.


Kyle’s work camera automatically puts in the date.  I was able to crop some of the photos to get the date out, but in others it seemed to take away form the shot if I cropped that much.

100_4038 100_4040

There is just something special about butterflies and pumpkins.  Getting to see them both in one day was fabulous!

100_4042 100_4045

Even though I thought these mini pumpkins were amazing, Eliana chose an all orange mini pumpkin for her selection.


We’ll be making pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pancakes, and I might try a new pumpkin scone recipe this year!  YUM!


The other times we’ve visited this pumpkin patch, the train wasn’t an option since we went during the week with our moms’ group.  Well, the girls were sick that day.  I was super bummed.  It turned out fine though since we went as a family instead and got to enjoy a special train ride!!!


We all had such a great time!  It was so nice to enjoy outdoor weather together on a beautiful Saturday!

100_4067 100_4072 100_4081

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  1. gramegg says:

    Wonderful Day!

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