Fall is here!


There is something startling, amazing, and truly stunning about God’s handiwork in fall.  Oh how I LOVE red leaves!


There is also something exciting about teaching Eliana to look for and enjoy them.  Today when we arrived at BSF, Eliana said, “Look mom, they are beautiful!”  And she was right.  Right there in the parking lot were spectacular red leaves.

It got me thinking about how sometimes in the ugly places in our lives, there is beauty if we look for it.  Some times the only beauty is knowing that Jesus is with us through the ugly times.  Some times, there is more beauty if we ask to see as He sees.  Maybe the ugly situation isn’t pretty, but we can notice Him working around us or even through us.  Or maybe we reflect on times when He saw us through other ugly times.


There is something beautiful about teaching.  The photo above captures me teaching Eliana how to use a camera we borrowed for a couple days.  Eliana was excited to learn and thought she knew how to do it all on her own.  I still had to guide her though since her finger was covering the lens.

That reminds me of how God teaches me.  Some times I can feel His comforting embrace around me guiding my steps.  Other times I think I know best and am pushing Him away, when really I need the help dearly or I’ll miss what He wants me to see and learn.


I’m told that I loved dirt as a girl.  I had my own corner of the yard where grass didn’t grow and I played all the time in the dirt.  Eliana is a dirt, rock, flower, and leaf collector.  We have a flower pot by the front door that is regularly stocked with Eliana’s finds as we walk.

Fall is here!

Light.  Do you see how the light pushes through the red leaves making the veins shine?  That is one of my absolute favorite ways to capture the beauty of red leaves.

I’ve been challenged a lot lately through Bible study.  I wonder what do people see pushing through me?  Is it Jesus?  Would people I walk by, talk with, and find groceries alongside see a difference in my words and actions?  Will my girls be able to see Jesus in me or just a mom who feels she overwhelmed by our messy home?  Does Kyle see Jesus in me or simply relief that he is home to help with the girls?

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