November Happenings


Natalie is learning to walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Near the beginning of the week she took three steps at a time, later four, and then back to three.  Our highest count so far is eighteen!  It is so exciting!  She is of course thrilled with herself and our applause!  Eliana is helping to teach her to walk by holding her hands and walking backwards so that Natalie can walk forward.  Awe, sisterly love is so sweet.


We took Natalie’s pacifier away this week.  Big sigh on my part.  I remember reading when Eliana was around 11 months that the 12th month was a good time to take it away before they became too attached.  We took Eliana’s away at 13 months after we came back from El Salvador.  Well, Natalie was definitely attached.  That first nap session minus the pacifier included 40ish minutes of unhappiness, 20 minutes of sleep, and then another 40ish minutes of unhappiness.  She is doing better about naps with her unhappiness time around 5 minutes.


Natalie has started sleeping through the night here and there!  Sadly, when she does wake up at say 3, like last night, sending Kyle in doesn’t work since she doesn’t have the pacifier anymore.


I’m in the processes of weaning Natalie.  She is down to a morning and evening feeding with the middle of the night feeding here and there.  I needed to start weaning Natalie because I’m going on a mission trip to El Salvador in January!  Yahooooo!!!  After I’d prayed about going, I asked Kyle what he thought about me going.  He said sure, as long as I found childcare for while he was at work and weaned Natalie.


Eliana is being introduced to new technology.  She recently has loved emailing her dad at work. She initially typed gibberish.  Then she wanted help typing her name and her Daddy’s name.  She liked sending Rachel and email too!  Not long ago, she was super excited as she played around with Skype and called her GramE.  I had opened the program, but I hadn’t actually called her yet because I needed to do something else first.  Eliana also figured out how to send messages to her GramE via Skype with the smiley faces included!


Parenting is TOUGH work.  Training, training, and training my three year old who wants to be in charge can be draining.  Something I’m so very grateful for is that Eliana loves to be read to.  We’ve been going to the library weekly lately.  Even in the midst of an “Oh my goodness, how will I make it until Kyle gets home???” day, I can find that reading to Eliana calms us both down.  For now, her love language is most often quality time.  Reading to her helps to fill her love tank.

You can thank Rachel for these wonderful photos!

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