Investing in Hearts

Today I’m thankful for many people who take the time to spend time with my girls.  I know Eliana is pretty shy when she is first around someone, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t listening carefully.

Today Eliana was pretending to call people on the phone while getting ready for the day.  She called Judy.  I was curious what she’d say if I asked what Judy said.  Eliana didn’t skip a beat to tell me, “Mrs. Judy loves me.  She wants me to come visit TODAY!”  I told her I’d have to check on that since Mrs. Judy was teaching today.

As we were walking up to Bible Study Fellowship Eliana was having a pretend phone call with Joanne.  Her end of the conversation went something like this:

Eliana: Hi, Mrs. Joanne.  We are going up to BSF right now.  I can’t come and play because we have to go to BSF first.  You are missing us.  You can call my Mommy tonight.

Question: Who are you investing in?  Do you ever stop to think of who may be watching your example?



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