Ninth Anniversary!

Today I am thankful for my husband, Kyle!

Here in no particular order are nine reasons why I love my husband:

1. He makes me laugh!

2. He would rather be at home with the girls and me than at work.

3. He loves Jesus!

4. We pray together nearly every night.

5. The girls adore their Daddy.

6. Kyle enjoys watching Pixar movies and playing board and card games with me.

7. We love walking together.

8. He tells me that I’m his hero because I’m a stay at home mom.  

9. He works to make sure we have open communication.  Some times it takes me awhile to process what I’m thinking about, but he’ll keep asking what’s on my mind until I’m ready to share.

Here are nine things I’ve learned in marriage:

1. His brain is organized like a waffle, and mine is like spaghetti.

2. Kyle’s ability to forgive and forget is amazing.  He forgets lots of other things too, and that some times drives me crazy, but his ability to forgive and forget is a treasure.

3.Kyle and I problem solve in completely different ways, and so I’ve found myself saying, “You’re brilliant!” when I’ve watched him tackle something in an unfathomable to my mind way.

4. Jesus is the glue that holds us together.

5. Kyle needs more sleep than I do.

6. Whoever is sitting in front of the computer is in the “seat of control”, and therefore doesn’t need help unless asked.  It goes back to that whole problem solving in different ways.  Thankfully we learned this in the first year or so of our marriage.

7. We learned early on not to yell at each other during an argument.  Also, I learned that Kyle sometimes needs a few minutes to think and some space before we continue talking.  That doesn’t mean we’re done talking, but it is a “recess” of sorts.  Once I was pregnant, I also needed that space to think since those hormones were often crazy and my filter pretty much disappears once a baby is in my belly and for those first few sleep deprived months.

8. We read The Five Love Languages when we went through premarital counseling.  I read the book again a few times since then, and boy does it help.  I’m not wired to say words of affirmation, but it means the world to Kyle.  Doing acts of service like the dishes says I love you to me, even though Kyle doesn’t understand why.  I’d also highly recommend Tommy Nelson’s Song of Solomon series.  You can see a preview here.  We went to his conference as newly weds, and it opened up all kinds of conversations that we worked through.  I’d highly recommend single people watch or listen to the series too!  It was save a lot of people a lot of heart ache if they learned about God’s plans for marriage in regards to sex, love, fighting, and much more.

9. A date night is so refreshing.


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