The Little Artist

Today I am thankful that the little artist decorated herself and not the walls.Image

Natalie has been fascinated with highlighters.  After all, wouldn’t you be fascinated too if your big sister pretended they were make up?  She happened to figure out how to open the highlighter while I was showering, thus I didn’t know until after she was really enjoying her “eye makeup”.


Natalie has been watching us use makers, crayons, pencils, and pens, so she naturally was curious.  Since she wasn’t strong enough to pull off the lids, (or so I thought) I didn’t mind her playing with them.  These shots are from a couple of days ago.


Even figuring out how to try and connect them is fine by me, but not so much of the coloring things other than paper.



After the first photo was taken this morning, she got another highlighter and went to town on the sliding glass window.  Praise the Lord it was the window and not the wall!!!  I guess that means she’ll have to learn to only use them with Mommy and Daddy’s help.  You should have seen her as I took away the red highlighter.  She is pretty strong when she wants to be, so let’s just say she looked like blood was all over the place by the time I wrestled it from her.

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2 Responses to The Little Artist

  1. gramegg says:

    Oooooo I love that little one! She has brightened my whole day!!

  2. Wendy Mayes says:

    I love these pictures!

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