Thinking Red

Thinking Red


We recently got a new camera! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Now I’m in the process of learning how to use this blessing. Thankfully, when we ordered the camera from Costco, we got a dvd of instructions. Since I’ve never taken a photography class before, all of this new lingo is a bit over my head. I watched part of the dvd and learned a couple cool things. Since it was way too much to soak in at one time, I’ll watch just that part again and again, and probably again.


A friend asked me to think red while taking some photos. So, here you have some red photos while I learn how to use my new camera. Enjoy!

IMG_0531 The Back Stories

The red mugs and the red and white bowl were from my Grandma Wava.  She LOVED red.  The hearts mug was from a student my first year of teaching.  I tried not to think that the words were intentional and instead figured the student’s mom probably picked out the mug that was filled with Hersey kisses at the time.

Did anyone wonder where I got all of those red M&Ms?  Well, I had to sort out the green ones from Christmas and several of them needed to be taste tested while I took photos.

IMG_0521Since green is my favorite color, I figured I’d add it to this red focused collection.

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