Kiwis and the Gift of Time


In honor of my friends I took pictures of kiwis.  They are from New Zealand and thus are called kiwis, but not for the fruit.  Instead the name comes from the bird.  But since there aren’t any kiwi birds around here, the fruit works.  Oh, and another fun fact – I guess kiwi, the fruit, is actually called kiwifruit.   Thank you Google!


My little kiwifruit loving toddler did something that amazed me tonight.  She is in the mimicking phase of learning.  Tonight after our Bible Story time with the girls she got the Bible from Kyle.  Normally it is Eliana’s job to go put it away.  Natalie is also in the “I am now over a year and do have an opinion phase”, so I told Eliana to not worry about taking the Bible and instead to go brush her teeth.  As Eliana left, Natalie took the Bible over and tried to put it back on the book shelf!  HA!  I didn’t see that one coming.  Then Kyle said, “Okay Natalie, now it is hugs and kisses time.”  She happily came over and got her share.  Then Kyle said, “Okay Natalie, it is time to brush teeth.”  She walked as quickly as her little feet could carry her to the stool in the bathroom where she then reached out for her tooth brush.  Amazing!  She thankfully loves to get her teeth brushed.  I find that interesting since her sister isn’t a fan.


TIMG_0566his was our gift to Eliana for Christmas.  The box said for 6 years and older, but I was pretty sure my detail-oriented 3 year old would do just fine.  She did need a little help here and there, but she was just fine sorting the colors she wanted and carefully putting them in place.  After all, she started carefully sorting which food she was willing to eat when she was around a year old.

When I began thinking about a gift for Eliana, I wanted something we could do together.  This turned out to be the perfect creative outlet.  We even got to work on it quite a bit this morning.  Normally that wouldn’t work since Natalie is no longer taking morning naps.  However, the wee one was up from a little before 5 am until 7:30 am.  Your guess is as good as mine as to why.  Maybe teeth?  Maybe her cold?  Either way, once she was napping Eliana and I enjoyed some quality time together!

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