How to Say I Love You to an Acts of Service Gal


I don’t know about all acts of service gals, but I am a list maker.  Kyle did something completely amazing yesterday.  He took something off of my to do list without me even asking.  We bought new pots and pans a few weeks back.  Before I used them, I wanted something in between to keep them from scratching each other.  I knew it would be a big project, so I had conveniently avoided it.  Yes, I know this is quite silly.  Kyle got out the jumbo box and started washing them while the girls had a party with all of the cardboard.  I had been “given” the cold Kyle had a few days before so I did little to nothing.  I knew we had some left over felt from a project, so Kyle cut up the felt oh so nicely to go between.  To me, that says I LOVE YOU with about one hundred exclamation marks!


Then to top it off, he made it so that my littlest helper won’t be taking out the new pots and pans and scratching them or breaking the glass bowls that are now on the bottom shelf.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about when I say acts of service, check out The Five Love Languages.  It was a book we read as nearly weds, and it continues to impact our marriage.

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