ImageThe difference between this photo and the one below it is about a foot’s distance.  And yet, the mood of the pictures is totally different.  I see the top picture as light and happy, and the bottom one as blue.  I didn’t see it this way in real life, but apparently that is what I captured in my camera.  I’m still working on figuring out lighting.IMG_0624This got me thinking about perspective in general, not just for artistic purposes.  Often times, it just takes looking at something from a different angle to see a positive side to the situation.  Sometimes life is ugly and there isn’t any positive to be found, and during those times it is best to cry out to God and tell Him so.  He wants to hear your perspective.  Then after having your moment, it is helpful to realized that God has a different perspective than your’s.  Although we can’t see things completely that way He does simply because it would be mind blowing to do so, we can pray for wisdom and discernment.


I’ve been reading through Proverbs lately.  If you ever wonder what to read from the Bible, try picking up Proverbs.  There are 31 chapters, so whatever day it is you can read the same chapter.  Proverbs is chalk full of wisdom, and it calls us to seek our wisdom.  The crazy thing is, the wisdom of the Bible is often looked upon as foolishness to the world.  And yet, the more that I live by it the more at peace I am which is pretty good since the world is normally not a super peace filled place.

Today I am chewing on Proverbs 3:9, “Honor the LORD with your possessions, And with the firstfruits of all your increase;”.  For me, that means using this blessed gift of a new camera for His glory.


Don’t you just love the light shining through the petals?  I find it amazing!


Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, the flower is from Kyle.  I love flowers, but the cost of them is not my favorite.  I love flowers, but I don’t love how they die in a week and then smell bad.  So, bringing home a petite daisy is perfect for me.

The tiny tea cup is from India.  When we were on a mission trip there someone from our team was interested in collecting a tea cup from each of the countries she went to.  Our hostess gave us some of hers which totally shocked us and made the sacrifice such a memorable gift.

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