I’m so glad they have each other!Image


Most of the pictures for this post were not taken with the new fancy camera.  They were taken with a new easy for a young photographer to take pictures while mom uses the new fancy camera.  Kyle got to choose between several options as a gift from working as an employee for five years.  He has been at the same company for coming up on ten years, but some of that time has been as a contractor.  After debating the many nice options, we thought it would be nice for Eliana to still nurture her love of taking pictures without panicking us using the new fancy camera.  Thus, we have a very light weight, easy to hold, easy to travel with camera that fit nicely in my pocket for half of the day.

My little fearless adventurer did figure out how to climb up these stairs.  I moved to spot and help a little.  Sometimes I forget that not all babies are fearless and climbers.


The girls and I joined our friends Katherine and Tristan at the park today.  The park was nearly empty when we first arrived.  Even later when there were over hundred folks enjoying the park, it didn’t feel crowded.  Now that is a good park!???????????????????????????????


Tristan is in a phase that Eliana was in several months ago.  It goes something like this.  I asked the kids to look at the me and smile.  His response was to look away.  I clearly remember that challenge last year before Christmas and thus didn’t send out a Christmas card.  You can see photo evidence here.  I think Katherine wasn’t too thrilled, but I wasn’t bothered since I knew I’d already captured his great smile in the photo above.

Natalie fell asleep for the last few minutes on our way home.  It was about 45 minutes before her nap time, so we went for a walk to make sure those few minutes wouldn’t count against a good nap.??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? Here they are laughing hysterically as Eliana gently bumps Natalie’s head and says, “Noggin” just as she has seen her Daddy do.IMG_0660 The photo above and below were taken yesterday.  There is little daylight after Natalie wakes up from her nap and the girls have a snack, but yesterday we enjoyed a few moments of outside time! IMG_0670Yes, this photo is a little blurry.  It is part of the season of trying to capture a toddler who is always in motion.  Notice, I now have two rock collectors!

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    Love it! Love it!

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