National Wear Red Day for Congential Heart Disease


I have two brothers.  Thomas is six years younger than me, and Tanner was born when I was eight.  When Tanner was a week old, my parents found out that he had major heart problems.  We are born with four chambers in our hearts.  He had three.  So the blood passed back and forth in the one large chamber.  He underwent multiple surgeries.  Tanner’s birthday is today, on National Wear Red Day for Congenital Heart Disease.

He would have been twenty-two today.  I still find myself in tears over his loss.  Some years it is harder than others.  Maybe it is harder now that I’m a mom.  I can’t believe or even comprehend what my parents went through.  IMG_0902

Maybe it is harder today because Natalie is 15 months old, and that was how old Tanner was when he went to be with Jesus.IMG_0913

Today I was comforted by Taylor’s FB post.  She is my youngest sister and didn’t get to meet Tanner, yet she often wept for him as a child.

“Today would have been my brother Tanner’s 22nd birthday and the thing that brings me peace is knowing that he’s just chillin with God right now and I can’t wait to see him one day”IMG_0915

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