Natalie’s Painting Debut!!!


Natalie LOVED painting!  She was fascinated.  Although she did get some on her hands, I successfully kept it from her mouth.




It is hilarious to me that Eliana’s debut was so different than Natalie.  Eliana was sitting and painting with watercolors.  I put the paint on the brush for her so that she wouldn’t mix up all the watercolors.  I showed her how I used a cup of water to rinse the colors and a paper towel to dry her brush.

For Natalie I put the washable tempera paint on the paper plate and then just tried to make sure she didn’t eat it.  We initially were working together to paint a canvas for a project for Kyle.  It didn’t take long, but then she wanted to paint more.  So I grabbed a near by piece of paper and let her have free reign of the pallet, brush, and paper.  She had just about as much fun painting the paper as she did mixing the colors.  The only cup of water was over by Eliana.  The only purpose for a napkin was to wipe the paint off Natalie’s hands so that she wouldn’t lick it.IMG_0941 IMG_0944

I showed Eliana the last time we painted how to make flowers.  So on her own she created a bouquet of flowers.IMG_0946

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One Response to Natalie’s Painting Debut!!!

  1. gramegg says:

    So true! We are so fussy with the first child and then the rest are “they will wash”. If Eliana wants to paint me some flowers, I will frame them for the guest room. Of course, that means she needs to visit me. (Hint hint)

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