I wish learning was always this much fun and that messes were always as welcomed!

IMG_1108Natalie is beginning to say words!  It is amazing!  Here are a few I can remember so far: Mama, Dada, Pop Pop (She picked up it just like Eliana did, which was by listening to me talk to someone else about him.), brush, Minnie, Mickey, bath, and we’re pretty sure she said Trisha, Rachel, and Ruli tonight!  Yahooo!!!

Another huge blessing is that she has learned the art of nodding her head yes!  Although we worked on signing “all done”, she was never a fan.  She normally just took her bib off to signify she was done.  Now though, she is nodding yes!  Hooray!


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One Response to Learning

  1. gramegg says:

    I love the twinkle in her eyes!

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