Passing by Beauty

I walk past beauty everyday.  Sometimes I slow down enough to see it.  Sometimes I even capture in photo form.IMG_1162

I walk past these every day going to and from my home, but this was the first time I chose to enjoy them.


The girls and I walk on this clover patch regularly on the way to and from the mailbox, but this was my first time kneeling on the ground trying to capture these tiny beauties.


I couldn’t believe I capture the dandelion seed head.  I tried dozen of times with my old camera.  I’m so thankful for my new one.  It is simply splendid to actually capture what I see.

I’ve been reading through Proverbs for awhile.  I read the chapter that coincides with the date.  I don’t make it everyday, but I try to.  I’m surprised how even though I’m reading the same chapters over and over that new things stand out.  It is like capturing the photos above.  Initially I just register they are there.  But it is when I truly take the time to analyse them that I see them in a new light.


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