How to bless a four year old for her birthday

IMG_2246How to bless a four year old on her birthday:

1. Let her pick our her clothes (which of course would be a dress just like nearly every day of the year).

2. Let her pick out her hairstyle (which was an Elsa braid (aka braid on the side) including a green rubber band and bow with a head band).

3. Let her pick out the cake (strawberry), frosting (with her color options and locations of said colors), and sprinkles.


4. Let her have friends join her at the park.


5. Let her pick the treats (ice cream, cake, and she said cookies were a must… I stopped at three desserts even though she was wanting a fourth dessert).


5. Don’t show her how the cake got messed up on the ride there, and instead fix up with candles on top.

   IMG_2344 IMG_2347 IMG_2374

6. Let her wear her new favorite dress (Thanks Aunt Dacra) on an ice skating adventure given by Rachel and Ruli and just about ever day since her fourth birthday  .

 IMAG0618 IMAG0619IMG_2239

7. Make plans for her first train trip and a gigantic single scoop of ice cream with the surprise that GramE gets to go too!


 8. Go see family in our hometown in honor of her birthday and Kyle’s.

IMG_2438IMG_2425 IMG_2434IMG_2428 9. Laugh a lot!


10. Eat breakfast for lunch since breakfast foods are her favorite.IMG_2441   

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