Prayer Jars


I got this idea from my friend April who searched for ideas on how to teach kids to pray.  


popsicle sticks

two containers of some kind

three markers

The idea is to get kids to pray this way.

J- Jesus

O- others

Y- you

On popsicle sticks, write attributes of Jesus with one color, other people with another color, and things kids can pray for themselves with the third color.


Jesus: friend, redeemer, healer, savior, shield, all knowing, and all powerful

Others: you can put friends and family

You: kind, share, obey, listen, good helper, and use a nice voice

Each day we pick a stick of each color and pray.  Then it goes into the other jar until the first jar is empty.  We’ve done this for three days and the girls love it!  It has also given me a way to talk about how great God is everyday!  

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