Doughnuts for the Birthday Girl!!!


There are few things in life better than doughnuts, ice cream, and friends.  Our friend Michele has posted that she’d love some company on Thursday morning.  So I called her up and asked if we could bless her and her family with doughnuts on Thursday morning.  That was a great way to start out the morning!

IMG_0464There were two halves and a whole doughnut left over.  Normally my guideline is is one sweet treat a day, and that doesn’t happen every day.  But it was Natalie’s birthday, so we splurged for our afternoon snack to enjoy more.  Natalie only took off the sprinkles and ate some of them and some of the frosting.  Although I found it strange, it did help me to feel better about our next sweet adventure.

The girls had peanut butter and jelly for dinner.  My thought was, why fight over dinner on a birthday night.  They hadn’t had it for lunch, so why not?  Kyle and I had leftovers, and life was splendid.

We then went to use a gift card I’d received for my birthday for Coldstone.  I don’t know you’re favorite mix, but mine is cake batter ice cream with a brownie mixed in.  Kyle, Natalie and I split that in a waffle cone and Eliana had some berry ice cream with gummy bears.  Kyle said it was one of the most relaxing moments he’d had in awhile.

Hooray for Natalie!  Hooray for doughnuts, friends, and ice cream!  Hooray for posting again so soon!

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