Photo Therapy

A friend of mine used the phrase photo therapy to describe her walk through beautiful Wisconsin capture moments of God’s creativity.  It made me realize that I haven’t been taking pictures lately, and I miss it dearly.  So enjoy a few moments captured while on a walk to pick up the mail.IMG_0591

There is just something about light shining through green leaves that makes me stop and remember why green is my favorite color.


I wonder how many people have walked by this post and not noticed  the curly cue attached to it.  Natalie has been sick for most of this week, and so we’ve been home bound for days.  Last night I walked outside in a rush to join some ladies at a potluck and suddenly stopped as I saw what a beautiful blue sky we had.  There are moments like this just waiting to be captured and enjoyed if we’ll slow down and look for them.


I had shared with Kyle last week that I felt like I was so busy with stuff that I wasn’t spending quality time with the girls.  Natalie getting sick slowed everything down.  We read more over the last few days all cuddled up on the couch than we have in many, many moons.  It was so good to enjoy their company.  I didn’t expect my prayer request of spending more time with the girls to be answered in Natalie getting sick, but I’ll take the blessing from having to slow down.


Oh, and just for kicks:

Me: What do you want for dinner?

Eliana: Pancakes.

Me: No, sorry, I meant for the menu plan.  We already have plans for tonight’s dinner.  I’m stuck though, so what would you like some time over the next two weeks.

Eliana: I think you’re stuck because you have too much in your head.

Me: (chuckling)

Eliana: I only have a few things in my head.  How about pancakes and toast?

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