Tenth Anniversary

IMG_1029I really can’t believe that Kyle and I have been married for TEN years?  Where has the time gone?

IMG_0980Since I’m oh so prego, going out of town wasn’t really a thought I entertained.  Plus we’re still working on putting our new home together, so we’ve been a bit busy.

We had friends watch the girls which meant we enjoyed several hours of uninterrupted conversation.  That was probably the best gift ever.  Speaking of gifts, we’ve been having some house adventures that are taking up oodles of time.  The evening before our anniversary, Kyle came to me and confessed that he didn’t have a card for me.  I burst into laughter, because it had dawned on me just a few hours before that I didn’t have one for him either.  I guess that is once again a true sign that our love language isn’t gifts.  We’d said we’d make/buy them before we celebrated a few days later, but that house project mentioned earlier zapped our time and memories.  Maybe we’ll make an anniversary/Christmas card???

We enjoyed this wonderful Chicken Pie Shop that was built in the 50s.  I wonder if they’ve done much updating, because I felt like we stepped back in time.  It was AMAZING.  We loved not having to talk loudly over music or loud customers.  We liked being able to see the whole room, other customers enjoying their meal,  and large windows out into down town.  The food was super and the price was oh so nice.IMG_1003Then we headed to a local park that Kyle used to run in during high school.  Since we’ve had such unusually high temperatures this year, many of the leaves are still turning.  We wondered from one patch of fall trees to another.IMG_0997We headed back to down town and strolled through the old neighborhood enjoying the homes and joy of just being together.IMG_0994

Hooray for ten years!!!  I’m so glad God blessed me with Kyle as my husband.

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One Response to Tenth Anniversary

  1. Terry Reid says:

    When you had asked for suggestions to eat downtown I thought of that place but didn’t think it was up to an anniversary celebration so I didn’t suggest it. It is just good home cooking. Glad you enjoyed it.

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