Welcome Lydia Ann

IMG_0187Our newest baby girl has arrived!!!  Lydia Ann was delivered at home on Monday, January 5th at 7:00 am.  Praise the Lord that I only labored for four hours!  I am so blessed to have been in the comfort of my own home.  I believe a key factor in my labors being so short these past two is that I have birthed at home.  Just waking up Kyle after about an hour of contractions slowed my contractions for a little.  The thought of having to travel to a hospital would really slow me down.


Lydia weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces.  I said over and over on Monday morning that I was so glad she was out!  I hadn’t come to the point with her big sisters of being ready for the baby to come.  Normally I was a bit hesitant to enter into the world of sleep deprivation and change.  This time though I was uncomfortable often near the end.  I look at her and can’t believe she fit inside my tummy!  I figure I did pretty well though having had Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years right before her birth.  I had *some self control during the holidays.  It is so hard to have a sweet tooth and remember that sweets need moderation when you’re pregnant.


My first two days of recovery were harder than before since I experienced harsh after pain.   I’m so thankful for Kyle.  He cared for me thoroughly and for Lydia as I was unable to do a whole lot on my own.  He was a wonderful coach during the labor.  I can’t imagine not having a completely supportive coach.  I missed having my coach Rachel with Kyle, but I labored shorter than the time it would take her to travel here.


I’m also thankful for our friends that arrived around 5 am and picked up Eliana and Natalie and were willing to have them stay the night since I needed Kyle’s undivided attention on Monday.  Since then, my recovery has been better than with Eliana and Natalie.

It warmed my heart when we brought the girls and Eliana’s first response was to teach Natalie to share with Lydia.  Eliana asked Natalie if she’d share her Minnie Mouse with Lydia.  I didn’t know how that would go over since Minnie is Natalie’s favorite, but low and behold she went and put it near Lydia’s feet.  The girls then spent several minutes finding favorite small stuffed animals to bring and share with Lydia.

Eliana adores Lydia and has tons of questions about her.  She also lets me know what she thinks Lydia needs, thinks, or is doing.  Natalie is hesitant and curious.  I remember Eliana being the same when Natalie.


Lydia is delightful.  She has started to have a little bit of awake time, and she is just so cute.   The girls enjoy showing Lydia new things when she is awake.

We are so very blessed.  I praise God for His many blessings on our family.  So many specific prayers were answered in Lydia’s delivery.  I got to stay home for the delivery and didn’t have to transfer to a hospital.  My labor was short.  I was hesitant to pray for a short delivery, because I didn’t want to have unrealistic expectation, but God blessed me with another short delivery.  Lydia is healthy.  The girls were fighting fevers for several days before Lydia came.  Eliana finished up hers a few days before.  I gave Natalie her last dose of medicine for the fever at the beginning of my labor.  She has been fever free since!

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One Response to Welcome Lydia Ann

  1. Mom says:

    i just love your blog Tasha. You descriptive writing paints such a beautiful picture of your feelings, and the girls and Kyle. I just always look forward to reading what’s happening in your daily life. I love you always.

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