Pop Pop’s Birthday!!!


My Pop Pop’s birthday celebration was this past weekend.  I wasn’t sure when I was still pregnant if I’d be up to traveling with a 4 week old, but we decided that Lydia is doing pretty well, so I’m doing pretty well.  Plus, it was for Pop Pop.

IMG_0172 IMG_0173

We made it just a day trip.  That was nice for a couple reasons.  One was that I didn’t have to spend a day packing and a day unpacking.  Plus we didn’t have to worry about whether Lydia would sleep well somewhere else.  Our pastor is moving to a new church soon, so we were able to hear his second to last sermon at our church.IMG_0174 IMG_0177

The bummer about making a day trip though is not being able to spend more time with family.  After a delightful lunch with my side of the family, we were able to visit Aunt Marcie and Uncle Michael in the afternoon and Troy, Aimee, and their girls for dinner.  Sadly, we forgot to get the camera out for those visits.

IMG_0181 IMG_0180

Timing newborn feedings worked well throughout the day.  Our only minor hiccup was on the way home.  We had to stop so I could nurse.  IMG_0171

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