The First Week of Kindergarten and Other Adventures


Eliana has a reading log for four days a week.  I have been reading Fairies and the Quest for Neverland by Gail Carson Levine.  So this week Natalie got out the googles and said, ” I am a water fairy!!!”  Eliana liked the idea, and so now I have two water fairies who go “flying” about our home.IMG_1487

Lydia is doing well sitting up!  She is working on crawling.  She gets her legs under her, and then goes back on her tummy to scoot places.  She went the farthest yet this morning by traveling into the dining room. Later she was not happy that I went to do Eliana’s hair (which she has preferred to have a bun the last few days since GramE gave her one in July), so she worked to find us while screaming angrily since she had been left behind.


Now that Lydia is mobile, we have come to Natalie having to learn to share.  The same thing happened with Natalie became mobile.  Suddenly, the independent mobile baby isn’t a favorite since she wants “my” toys.IMG_1516

I am so thankful for the school Eliana gets to be a part of.  I have prayer walked around the school each morning this week, and I have found it to be a great way to calm my nerves about dropping Eliana off.  Plus, it gives me a boost of energy while learning more about downtown.  In appreciate for the teachers and aids that work with Eliana, we shared oatmeal blueberry muffins!  It was so nice to be on the giving side when for five years I was on the receiving side.


Natalie still asks everyday while we are prayer walking if we can go pick up sister!  We have enjoyed reading, baking, and working on puzzles together while Lydia takes her morning nap.

Did you notice that Natalie is on her tip toes?  Do you see the genuine joy back in Eliana?  She was in shock on the first day, but she is loving school now!

Things Eliana has said this week:

Day 1:

She sang the get your attention rhythm … all day.

Me: What did you do today?

Eliana: We played alphabet bingo!!!!

Day 2:

Eliana: Can I have lunch at school?

Me: (sorting through emotions of “not being needed”, but glad she likes school) No. We told your teacher that you will eat lunch with us all week.  But maybe next week you can.

Me: Did you like school?

Eliana: I liked it better today.

Day 3:

Eliana: Can I have lunch at school?

Me: No (same explanation).

Me: What did you do today?

Eliana: We played with cubes and made a castle wall!!!

Day 4:

Eliana: Can I have lunch at school?

Me: No.  You tell me why I am saying no.

Eliana: Mom, I love school.  I think I am going to skip in tomorrow!

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