September Happenings Including Lydia Turning 8 Months Old!!!


We honored the September birthdays in my family by going to an ice creamery! Delicious!


Most of the time, I don’t post silly pictures, but life is full of moments when I feel like this!


I meant to take more pictures, but I was working to adjust the headbands I made for my sisters.


Kyle captured this moment in my parents’ backyard.  Doesn’t it make you take a moment to breath in deep at the wonder of God’s creation?  Oh how I love light yellow and green!


This is how most of our photo shots turn out.  I take about forty like this, and hope for one good one!  This is also how life with three little ones is.  Normally at least someone is happy, and someone is not so much.

IMG_1691 IMG_1705 IMG_1657

I am so blessed that on this adventure in parenthood that I am not alone!!! Kyle is a wonderful dad to our girls, and I am SOOOOOOO thankful for his willingness to help!


Do you recognize that tongue twirl? I have pictures of Eliana doing the same thing!


Lydia easily sits up now, army crawls, and can even help herself to sit up.  She is working on getting her legs under her when she crawls.  She has three naps a day, nurses four times, and is regularly sleeping through the night from 8ish until 6:30- 7:30ish!  Lydia continues to be a happy and content baby.  She is enjoying eating solid foods of all sorts. I think there was more I wanted to share, but she just woke up!

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