Natalie is Three!!!!!!!!


Natalie turns three today!  Sadly she is getting over a tummy bug.  Which if I remember right, Eliana did the same thing when it was time to celebrate her third birthday.

This picture of Natalie and Uncle Ruli captures one of her happiest days this year.  She so enjoyed time with Aunt Rachel and Uncle Ruli playing in the waves.  There is something to be said about free adventures verses ones you pay for.  She absolutely loved playing in the ocean.  The following day we went to Disneyland and she was ALL DONE after about two hours.  It just goes to show that my parents’ rule about not going to Disneyland until we were four had some merit to it.

Natalie enjoys cutting and gluing paper, coloring, and looking at books.  She is often self entertained and content.  She is an expert at swinging and can even stand up while pushing herself on the swing.  Natalie has her own sense of style and often enjoys wearing dresses.

I asked Natalie about the following favorites.  They will likely change tomorrow, but that is okay.

Food: pizza

Color: red

Animal: giraffe and zebra

Place to go: Costco (HAHAHAHA!)

What are you looking forward about you birthday party? Aunt Marcie

What is something you like doing with Eliana? Making a special game.

What is something you like doing with Lydia? Celebrating my birthday.

What do you like doing with Daddy? Nothing

What about when Daddy takes you places, pushes you on the swing, or tickles you? No.

(I am going to chalk that all up to not feeling good and that her favorite answer is often no.)

When she isn’t feeling good or is sad this week, she often says, “I miss my Nanny.”

I enjoy reading the Natalie.  Eliana has a 15 minute reading log four days a week, so we all enjoy stories together regularly.

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