Serving the Homeless

Our family chose to participate in Mission at the Mission this past weekend at the Fresno Rescue Mission on G Street. We heard about this through The Well Community Church.

Let me first admit that I had my apprehensions about going myself, let alone taking along my wife and our three young girls. We constantly drive by G Street and are familiar with the scene. Strollers buried under mounds of personal belongings. Tents, tarps, and cardboard shelters littered up and down the sidewalks. People walking out into traffic, seemingly unaware or deliberately undeterred by traffic. Trash and clothing hanging on fences, piled on street corners, against walls. Yes, my first concern was safety.


Picture of man from Fresno Rescue Mission website

What motivated me to go? This event offered a glimpse into the problem of homelessness in our city and in our immediate neighborhood. We’ve lived on the west side of Fresno for a little over a year now. At first I was filled with compassion for those I saw living on the streets, and I was tore up. But, what could I do? How could I help? My ignorance led to hopelessness and eventually I became desensitized to the homeless. The homeless became fixtures of the landscape. I knew this needed to change.

We participated in the following activities over the course of the experience:


  • Praise and Worship – “Are You a Neighbor?”


  • Family Foot Washing Service before serving our city
  • Saturday Sports – Every Neighborhood Partnership @ Powers Elementary
  • Serving Lunch to Academy Men
  • G Street Clean-Up
  • Softball Game against Academy Men
  • World Hunger Experience
  • Worship and Reflection – “Embracing Radical Hospitality”


  • Attend G Street Church
  • Worship and Reflection – “The Things we Take for Granted”

This is the teaser. You’ll have to come back to read about these activities and our experiences at Mission at the Mission.

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